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My Professional Profile

I am a financial analyst working in equity research segment. In other words, I analyse and value shares.

I work as an outsourcer, i.e. I am contracted by various investment banking and equity research firms to write partial or full reports. Thus, the main purpose of this page is to advertise myself to any financial professional out there who may stumble to my site. My colleagues and I also have a website:

I have worked successfully with a number of US and European clients, including Bryan, Garnier & Co, Westport Strategic Partners, NexResearch, Spelman Financial and Spelman Research and others, and all my clients have contracted me more than once.

I have an extensive experience in all areas of equity research report writing:

Why outsource equity research to me? Here are a few key reasons:

I am looking to expand the circle of my clients to make the workflow more stable.

Below is a link to my public profile on LinkedIn, which shows my resume. Please feel free to contact me for additional information.

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