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Opinions and Comments of Visitors to Moldova

This page is dedicated to the words that foreign visitors had to say about Moldova, Chisinau or anything else from this country. I hope they will help you. More advice from a fellow visitor is avilable in the Advice from a visitor page

--Dan, Holland. (May 2007):

I can only add that this country is an hidden gem on the edge of Europe. If you can miss the beaches, Moldova has so much to offer the mature traveller. Rolling hills, vineyards, extremely friendly people, no tourist traps. It was like being in France in the sixties. Not to forget (expecially for the Dutch readers) it is soooooo cheap to have a wonderfull holiday. I'll be back!!!

--Clive, Glasgow, Scotland. (Jan.2004):

Tips for visitors? Mmmm.....

  1. If they can come with a few words of Romanian or Russian, and therefore be able to communicate with people, it will add tremendously to the enjoyment of their visit.
  2. Trips outside Chisinau may be problematic. (When my friend arrived in Chisinau, we decided to take a bus to Causeni to visit the old monastery. Not only did the bus break down on the way, but the bus we managed to jump on to get back to Chisinau also broke down! All part of the fun!
  3. Nevertheless, try to get invited to a country village, or just go to one. They are many near Chisinau which can be reached by mini-van. It's a different world!
  4. Don't eat in Indian or Chinese restaurants. Try the good Moldovan food in places like Barracuda and Orasul Vechi, and even the Russian restaurant in the subway under Blvd. Dacia, near Botanica market.
  5. Be sure to visit the public markets, keeping a good watch on your wallet.

I think that's enough.

--Rick, USA. (Jul.2002):

My first experience with Moldova was on the train ride over. A Moldovan woman who speaks English corrected me when I tried to say that Moldova was part of the Balkans (it almost was). When I got to the train station in Chisinau, I did not make the mistake of talking to the first taxi driver that approached me. I think I was so tired I didn't really pay too much attention to what was passing by me. I stayed three days in three different hotels. I think the hotels here are more expensive than the ones in Romania! This is the only country of the ones I've been to all over the Balk--eastern Europe where I've been asked to show my documents. One thing I noticed was the omnipresence of security on Stefan cel Mare. I understand the situation with the province but.......I didn't really care for what looked like police harassing and going through kids' possessions in the park. But that just might be my American point of view........There's something different about this place compared to other places in eastern Europe, but I just can't put my finger on it. I don't consider myself to have lived the "real" Moldova 'cause I was only there for a few days. My one attempt at socializing was in the McDonald's. One girl got right next to me in line. It was obvious she wanted to talk. I was just ready to go home.

I was told about being a foreigner and being alone at night is not such a good thing. I didn't feel that my safety was at risk at all--that is, any more than other places in eastern Europe...... I loved the food. I'm still trying to figure out the name of the dish I had. It was at the Green Hills restaurant. One other great find: Baltica pivo: definitely number three (or is it 6? the light one).

Who says that Moldovan girls are that hot? Sorry, I think the Romanian ones are nicer. :) I didn't feel comfortable in Moldova, but......I had that same opinion about Romania before I went back there and (kind of) conquered it. Don't take my opinion. Just go there and do the stuff I didn't do.

--James M Weatherlake, UK. (Jun.2002):

For me Moldova has been good. It has certainly helped that I am staying with a Moldovan family as their guest - they look after me very well - famous Moldovan hospitality! Life in Moldova is no problem if you have a British income. I can see that if you live here on the average wage with no possibility to leave the country, then life is hard! Prices seem low, but not if you get local pay - I hear students only get $10/month from the government and the average wage is $60/month! I think you need about 1500 lei/month to live on - not including accommodation. With that you can eat out quite often - A pizza & beer at Pizza House costs about 35 lei. It is possible to eat quite well for about 25 lei.

--Damien Woods, Ireland. (Feb.2002):

It was interesting to note that this street had many parked cars, almost all of which were extreemly expensive. For example I saw a car there which looked like it was directly imported from the US. My country (Ireland) is a moderately rich EU country, yet I have never seen a car of this type before! This kind of wealth was sad to see, my Moldovan friend told me that not everyone in Chisinau is making their money in an honest way.

--Avra K, USA/England. (Aug.2001):

Moldova doesn't seem to me as bleak a place as everyone (including you) makes it out to be. When I walk around, I see beautiful greenery, kissing couples, smiling helpful people on the buses, great-looking women, families out by the lakes on rowboats ... it's a completely different picture than what I get from your website.