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The History of the Republic of Moldova

Historically Moldova should have become a part of Romania, but due to the strategic importance of it's geographical location it was always under constant claims by Russia, and eventually became a part of what was known as the Soviet Union.

Before the 19th century there had been three fairly large countries in the Balcan-Carpathian region: Muntenia, Transylvania and Moldova, which were united in one country called Romania along with a few smaller regions. In the early 18th century a part of Moldova was made a Russian province (called Basarabia). And that part was what is now known as the Republic of Moldova. In 1918 it was returned back and, since there was no Moldova any more but Romania, it became a part of Romania...But not for long. In 1940, when Eastern Europe was divided between the Soviet Union and Germany as a result of the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement, Moldova became once again a Russian territory. It was named The Soviet Socialist Republic Of Moldavia (Russian for Moldova)

I am currently working on a graphical presentation of the development of the region throughout the last 2000 years, so watch this space!