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Useful Links

Moldova-related links:

  1. - a good website about Moldova with guides, web directory, RSS feeds and news service in English, Romanian and Russian languages.
  2. OurNet (Moldova Internet Resources) - a web directory of Moldovan sites.
  3. Marisha's website - a good website about Moldova, especially if you're looking for a guide and/or a place to stay. A lot of useful information and links.
  4. Moldova Hotels - a list of hotels in Moldova, with descriptions, room rates, photo galleries and an online reservation form. The site also features a map of Chisinau public transport.
  5. Moldovan Legislation
  6. Official Legislation of Moldova website - only in Romanian and Russian, but with latest changes.
  7. Logos-Press - weekly review of Moldovan economy (in Russian).
  8. Clipa Siderala - a children's charity helping children in orphanages. If you think you want to help Moldovan children, visit this site.
  9. TrekEarth - a collection of artistic photographs of Moldova (and many other places)
  10. A map of Chisinau - the best map of Chisinau I have seen on the net so far. It has the so important street search function.
  11. EuroBlog by Val Popovici - a blog in Romanian language about current political, social, economic and other events in Moldova.
  12. "Bessarabia. Russia and Roumania on the Black Sea" By Charles Upson Clark from the Electronic Text Archive of the University of Washington. A book written in the 1920s by an American author about Bessarabia (now known as the Republic of Moldova). Surprisingly and sadly, 80-year old description closely resembles Moldova's current situation.
  13. Doi Ani de Zile: Adventures in Moldova - a blog by Peter Myers, a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Moldova from June 2005 through August 2007.
  14. Peace Corps projects in Moldova (you'll have to scroll down to find Moldova in the list);
  15. Unicef page for Moldova.
  16. Random Musings on a Moldovan Odyssey - a blog by Andy Buchanan, a Peace Corps volunteer teaching English in Moldova.

Not Moldova-related:

  1. - " offers backpackers the most comprehensive directory of independent hostels located all over the world. Browse our selection of hostels in the world's largest cities and top off-the-beaten track locations." also have a big selection of country guides, one of which is mine!
  2. Your Man in... - a weblog of a friend of mine from UK, who enjoys Moldova and comes here from time to time.
  3. Astronomy Picture of the Day - the name speaks for itself. Great images from space with professional explanations and lots of other links.
  4. Wikipedia - a free online encyclopoedia that anyone can edit.
  5. Firefox - the homepage of the browser I use and recommend to everyone.
  6. Digital Photography Review - a website with a lot of latest information on digital photography, including forums where you can ask questions about a camera that you're planning to buy.