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A random image of Chisinau:

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The Hincu Monastery

Here are just a few shots I made during a visit to the Hincu Monastery, about 5 miles from my parent's village (I mean, the village where they were born and where we have a country house). There isn't much I can tell about this monastery, except that it was transformed into a sanatorium during the Soviet regime. The Monastery is very beautiful and is bound to become even more impressive when the construction of a new cathedral has been completed. The place is about 50 km outside Chisinau down the "Poltava Highway".

Some sort of an administrative building

Some sort of an administrative building

Old buildings, where the monastery shop is located

Some sort of an administrative building

Statue of a praying monk

The Monastery Chapel

The Statue of Christ with construction work in the background

In the woods behind the monastery