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The Good Side of Moldova

This page was suggested by a person who had visited my site before coming to Moldova. While still in Moldova, this person told me that what she was seeing wasn't quite as gloomy as I had described on this site. Well, this can be explained by several facts.

Still, she was right - there are good things in Moldova, and things particularly noticed by her were (quote): When I walk around, I see beautiful greenery, kissing couples, smiling helpful people on the buses, great-looking women, families out by the lakes on rowboats.... So I guess it wasn't fair to describe my country in such dark tones. I'll try to make up for it by describing the good stuff (to my own opinion). It will go slow, because I am used to all this beauty and might not think of it now.

Well, I have to admit that Moldova looks much better in the Summer than during other seasons, but this isn't really nature's fault (not entirely anyway). The scenery is very beautiful indeed when you drive across the country: you see orchards, forests, vineyards, fields of flowers, lakes etc. One of the most enjoyable activities is having a barbeque picnic in the woods. It is a favourite for everyone. You can't find a more peaceful place filled with the sounds of birds singings and woodpeckers tapping on wood, while seeing squirrels curiously looking at you from a few metres away and walking across a carpet of wild flowers. Spending a day at a lake is also nice: you could either swim or fish, or just watch people children in the water.

Chisinau has a few artificial forest-like parks with lakes. But the best place for a quiet walk is the city Dendrarium. It is a relatively big park with a lot of different plants, a lake and a stream, and in case you get thirsty - a spring. It's almost free - the fee is very small (too small actually).

The city itself is very green - one of the greenest cities in the former USSR. There isn't a single street without trees (except for the most recent streets). And it's not just one kind of them - there are maples, chestnuts, acacias, oaks, walnuts, birches, poplars, willows and even firs, pines and some trees with dark purple leaves. This is why the city is so beautiful in the Autumn - all the trees (except for the coniferous ones) change their colours and lose leaves. I personally like walking over the fallen leaves and hearing them quietly crack under my feet.

If you like historical/cultural sites of any kind, there are a few mediaeval monasteries and fortresses in the country. Plus some caves and a natural phenomenon (apparently): there's a place near Orhei, where cars go uphill themselves.

We don't get much snow in winter, but when we do, it's a gorgeous sight. The trees covered with snow look magnificent and very unreal. Walking through an alley of such trees will make you feel fresh. One of the most beautiful (and disastrous) natural phenomena in winter is thick ice on trees. It makes trees look like glass.

And there definitely are a lot of beautiful ladies around!!!