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The Coat of Arms of Moldova

The image of the National Coat of Arms scanned from my passportThis is the official Coat of Arms of the Republic of Moldova. It is identical to the Romanian Coat of Arms, but the shield features symbols specific to this country, whereas the Romanian one has symbols of all of the parts of Romania. The meaning of the Moldovan Coat of Arms' components can be defined as follows:

The Eagle
symbolises freedom;
The Cross
is a symbol of Christianity, the religion of the country's people;
The Olive Branch
is a symbol of peace, it denotes the peacefulness of the nation;
The Buffalo Head
is the symbol of Moldova, according to the legend;
The Rose
its five petals symbolise the five parts of Romania, of which Moldova used to be a part;
The Sceptre
is a symbol of sovereignty;
The Moon
(have to find out this one);
The Star
(have to find out this one too).

P.S. If anybody knows a more exact meaning of the coat of arms'elements, please let me know as I would like to have preciseinformation on this page.