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Coming to Moldova

Thispage was created to help visitors from foreign countries feel more comfortable when coming to Moldova. For more advice regarding visiting Moldova, please also see the Advice for Visitors page.

Last edited/reviewed on February 1, 2006.

Table of contents:

  1. Entering Moldova
  2. Visa
  3. The Airport
  4. Residence registration

Entering Moldova

Moldova is a land-locked country in Europe, so the only three ways to come here are by air, by train, or by road.


As of 2007, citizens of the EU, USA and some other countries do not require a visa for stays of up to 90 days. I have seen two kinds of Moldovan visas:

I know that you can get a visa at the Chisinau Airport, but I am not sure how visas are issued when you come by train or by road (i.e. by bus or car).

At the Chisinau Airport, you will have to go to the Visa desk. If there is nobody at the desk, most likely you will simply have to wait.

The Airport

Disclaimer - I neither guarantee nor suggest that this will happen for sure, this is just an experience of a real person

A friend of mine who visited me in January told me that if there is a big waiting line in the airport for baggage check after you have landed, it is possible to speed up the process by giving an officer something like $5. The main thing is to stay in line and not cross the red line in order not to get officers nervous. Just wait until one of them "walks by" and offer this little "reward". You will be taken directly to the control point without having to wait in line.

Residence registration

At least those visitors who need a visa, if they are going to stay in Moldova for more than three days, will have to register themselves. Most likely you will be told about this at the point of entry into Moldova. I am going to tell you where and how this is done.

As of 2005, foreigners are registered at a specially designated office (at least in Chisinau) located at 49 Kogalniceanu street. You will need to come there with the person hosting you. You should have your passport with you and your host should bring their ID with the annex (they will know what I mean). The fee is 41 lei ($3.5). The whole procedure takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on the number of people, but generally it is quite quick (especially compared to the old way of doing it in the overcrowded local passport offices). I don't know what you should do if you stay at a hotel, but I am sure hotel staff will be able to help you with that.